Title Production Services

We examine the public records for the subjected property, an essential source of information required while issuing a Title Policy, Foreclosure Auction, Refinance or Re-sale.

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Current / Two Owner Search

Current Chain of Title

All open Mortgages / Deed of Trust

Assignment, Modification and subordinations

Liens, Judgements, Bankruptcy and Open encumbrances, Uniform Commercial Code and Surrogate / Upper court

Property Tax Certificate / Tax status and assessments

Delinquent, Tax Sale and Supplemental Tax

Assessed Property Value by Tax Assessor's / County Assessor's office

Legal Description and Maps

30 / 60 Year Search

All transfer of deeds from current to 60 years of search

All open Mortgages / Deed of Trust

Assignment, Modification, and subordinations

Liens, Judgements and Open encumbrances

Bankruptcy, Uniform Commercial Code and Surrogate / Upper court

Property Tax status and assessments

Assessed Property Value by County Assessor's, Legal Description and Maps

Title Examinations

We verify the real estate transaction for the property being purchased is suitable for sale and report any encumbrances on the property which may impact the transaction:

Unpaid tax liens

Restrictions placed on the property

Incomplete chain of title


    Preliminary /Commitment Reports

We extract the examining search package from the application and key the property information like vesting, legal description, taxes & mortgages, liens & judgements, CC & R, and easements to create commitment reports

    Full Search for Sale and Refinance

Full search reports along with typed commitments report also includes taxes, vesting, encumbrances, easements and bankruptcy, and other variables

    Legal & Vesting Report

Our title searchers perform a search to spot the most recent conveyance document and key the legal description and current title holder details in whichever form our clients require.

    Deed & Mortgage Report

Identifies the chain of title along with any open encumbrances then creates a search package by preparing all applicable Property Indexes in chronological order. Keyed in whichever form our clients require.

    Title Report

Owner & Encumbrance reports and Guarantees

    Liens & Judgement Search

Perform a search on a property and the current owners using various data sources. Create search packages by preparing all applicable Property Index and General (name search) Index documents in chronological order and upload them to Title Management

    Update Search / Date down

Identifying and retrieving all property related transactions, open liens & judgements on the current owner from the previous Search effective date and amend the commitment report

    TSG - Trustees Sale Guarantee

Performing search on property, borrowers of foreclosure deeds of trust, and current owners of property using various data sources and then creating search packages by preparing all applicable Property Index and General (name search) Index documents in chronological order

    REO Search Report

Services shall include a property search for the properties that are or will be foreclosed and this search is generally performed on two owners or a standard 20 years from current plant date. A 30 year search is also available on request. Search for Property Index (PI) on the subject property in Public records (Title Plant or URL) to identify the property related documents (Deed, DOTs, Affidavit, and miscellaneous documents) that affect the property in question. The processor shall also run a General Index (GI) to identify all the open liens and judgements recorded.

    Title Policy Preparation

Recorded Deed/ Mortgage & DOT Document to verify the liability & premium amount with the rate calculator post which capture all the Schedule A, Exceptions for both the Lender and Owner and Endorsement information (Lender only). As a final step, the Owner & / or Lender Policy will be generated.

    Long Legal Keying

Provides a typed Legal in a title production system or form based platforms, i.e. word document